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"Action and comedy have always been a great combination of ingredients for entertainment," says director Steve Boyum

"Action and comedy have always been a great combination of ingredients for entertainment," says director Steve Boyum. "From the beginning of time, people have been falling down to make others laugh. For all the extreme things that the Deedles do, and for all of the crazy situations that they get into and sail out of, there must be some Hawaiian deity looking out for these two young surfers. Most of the stuff that happens to these guys, and everyone around them, should kill them ... but it doesn't. When you juxtapose that action against some of the deadpan humor in the script, there's great fun.

"You could call this a 'fish-out-of-water' story because the boys are certainly out of their element at first," observes Boyum. "But it is different from what people might first expect. Several other broad comedies have had outrageous characters trying to fit into normal life, whereas Phil and Stew are normal guys who happen to enjoy doing extraordinary things. We've elected to play them as real people and I think that allows the script to tell the story in laughs, rather than relying on outrageous characters that we laugh at just because of the way they speak. The Deedles are characters you like and root for, and I think that makes it a more enjoyable ride for everyone."

Director Steve Boyum makes his feature directing debut with "Meet The Deedles," bringing to the project his wealth of experience working on over 1,000 films and television productions in a career that has spanned 24 years.

"With Steve's background as a filmmaker, and from his work on several comedies, I believe he has an incredible sense of how to build a joke and how to make character and action work together," says producer Dale Pollock of Boyum's work on the film. "The thing that I've been most impressed with is his ability to go beneath the surface of what might seem like a superficially funny line. Steve will go in and really hook the dialogue into the character so that the line is more meaningful, the story becomes a little deeper, and the character relationships become more complex.

"When I read the screenplay I laughed out loud, and, for me, that doesn't happen very often," says Pollock of his attraction to the project. "And it's refreshing to find a really good, clean comedy. I have three children and I like the idea of making a comedy that they can see and that other families can see where you don't have to be embarrassed because of sexual references or language.

"This film has some clever humor and some silly humor and it has a lot of stunts, with cars flying across chasms, and rappelling and skateboard chases," continues Pollock. "I like the fact that there is a good blend of physical humor, teenage humor and adult humor. There are laughs that are both verbal and visual, and both physical and emotional. The humor works on a lot of levels."

"Laughing out loud is rare, but a very good sign," says producer Aaron Meyerson, recalling his first reaction to the screenplay. "The strength of the script is rooted in the characters. The Deedles are these lovable, charmingly oblivious guys who stay true to themselves and win in the end. Some people might think of them as pleasure seekers, but they basically act instinctively to find the best of any situation and it pays off for them.

"To me, the scene that sums up what the Deedles are about is when they are driving in a truck with a cut brake line, and they end up jumping a ch

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