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About The Story
Once upon a time in the Garden of Eden, Adam watched as beautiful Eve took a bite of the forbidden apple. Ever since then, men have been trying to give women what they want — and one fellow in particular seems to have succeeded: Adam, a sexy, sweet-hearted modem Dubliner with a naughty knack for temptation.

Now the Owens family recounts, one by one, their run-ins with the mysterious Adam, each offering a shocking new twist in the tale. Of course, there's the free spirit Lucy for whom Adam has become the answer to a life-long dream for commitment and passion — and she tells of their fateful meeting and heated courtship. But then there's the scholarly Laura, who reveals how Adam awakened her lust for real life, turning her world of repressed Victorian women poets on its head. And you can't forget eldest sister Alice who has discovered the age-and-boredom erasing effects of Adam's pleasures. Meanwhile, even lonely brother David describes an eye-opening encounter.

But what might be a romantic disaster is in fact something entirely different. For it seems that even as Adam has been sowing sin, his lovers have been reaping life-changing romance. So just what is it ABOUT ADAM?

For rising Irish writer/director Gerard Stembridge, ABOUT ADAM gives a liberating tweak to the usual rules of the romantic comedy — including the rule that the object of affection be good and true. This is the story of a man whose seemingly wicked ways actually have wonderful results for an entire family in need of a dash of passion.

"In ABOUT ADAM, I deliberately use elements of betrayal and sexual immorality in unexpected ways," explains Stembridge. "Usually, in movies, such wicked ways become synonymous with the badness of people. But here they are neither good nor bad. Instead, they are a spark that changes the way the Owens family relates to one another and themselves. So while Adam does things that could be viewed as terribly immoral and the Owens each end up doing things that are equally treacherous, somehow the consequences of it all are quite positive. And, for me, part of the comedy of life is that it's often like this!"

Stembridge's approach to ABOUT ADAM was to unfold the story through four different but intertwined tales of burning love — as each of the Owens tells about their Adam. What emerges is a fast and furious look at a singular event — a man proposing to a woman — from four amazingly different perspectives.

"I like playing with perception," admits Stembridge. 'This movie really looks at how we perceive the world not as it is but as we wish it to be. A person such as Adam really changes depending on whai perspective you view him from. What is interesting to me is that ultimately ABOUT ADAM really isn't about Adam at all. It's about the three sisters and what happens to the family when this tempting force changes them."

With ABOUT ADAM, Stembridge also had a chance to bring about another shift in perception. Leaving behind the images of down-and-out Dublin so prevalent in recent films, Stembridge captures a vibrant, energetic and hip city, brimming with style and the youngest population in all of Europe.

"I wanted to show Dublin as a I know it to be: an upbeat, exciting, contemporary urban center," says Stembridge. "We've seen working-class Ireland on film but Dublin is a fast-paced, fun city with plenty of young professionals. I hope this film will shift the balance a little, and show the world a different side of Ireland."

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