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Meet Adam

Adam is the ultimate primordial man, his very being shaped by the needs and desires of those around him. Chameleon-like and perfectly seductive to whomever he is focusing on at the moment, Adam is exactly the fiance, illicit lover, loyal friend and son-in-law everyone dreams about . . . all at the same time.

To play this wonderfully mischievous role, the filmmakers of ABOUT ADAM knew they need someone with an alluring look and impeccable charisma. No long, exhaustive search was necessary, because the filmmakers already had someone in mind: Dubliner Stuart Townsend who became the city's hottest ticket on stage and went on to appear in such motion pictures as "Shooting Fish" and "Under The Skin."

"We just knew he was the one, he was Adam," says Gerard Stembridge. "I thought that some of the delightful charm in Adam would reside in the fact that there's a genuine Irishness about Stuart. He's the real thing."

Townsend, like the characters in the film, was immediately won over by Adam's magical and mysterious ways, not to mention his many passionate excesses. "I thought ABOUT ADAM was funny, smart and sexy," Townsend comments. "I think it has a lot of things that people want to see. I loved that it's told from multiple perspectives — especially because each perspective allows me to have a different kind of fun with the character."

But for Townsend, in the end the story was less ABOUT ADAM and more about the people whose lives he touches. "Ultimately, it was the relationships and dynamics within the family that really made me interested. Gerard's characters are people you can really relate to, and I loved that, because in the end this is a romantic comedy about the funny things people do to feel loved."

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