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Meet The Owens

Like most families, the Owens of Dublin have their ups and downs, but things really get turned inside out when the mysterious Adam enters their midst. The more Adam becomes part of the family, the more each of the Owens uncovers hidden desires and dreams only he can fulfill.

The first to meet Adam is Lucy, the sultry torch singer and hip young Dubliner whose been biding her time with the likes of Simon — a depressive stand-up comic — while waiting for true passion. Fashionable, flirtatious and uncertain about monogamy, Lucy can't imagine spending her life with one man . . . until she meets Adam.

Lucy is portrayed by one of Hollywood's most intriguing rising stars, Kate Hudson. As the daughter of Goldie Hawn and stepdaughter of Kurt Russell, Hudson literally grew up in the movies — but the role of Lucy brings her talents to the fore. "Lucy is a wonderful character," says Hudson. "I read the script and thought it was extremely clever, with this whole kaleidoscope of perspectives on Adam."

Lucy's closest sister, Laura, is her polar opposite. Scholarly, brilliant and slightly repressed, she buries herself in literature rather than real-life love. But when Laura first meets Adam, his poetic sensibilities touch her in frightening ways. Fresh from her critically acclaimed performance as Jane Austen's Fanny Prince in "Mansfield Park," Australian actress Frances O'Connor, gives a very different but equally pivotal performance.

O'Connor was drawn to the unusual story by both its wit and its wisdom. "Gerard really has a charming way with words," comments O'Connor. "He writes with an incredible amount of optimism, enthusiasm and vibrancy that really captures a part of modern life. I think what's really great about ABOUT ADAM is that it is such a universal story. The dilemmas the character face are the same as what we all face: falling in love, holding onto love, and so on — they just happen to all revolve around the same man."

The third and eldest Owens sister is Alice, the only one who is married, and yet given the way her husband turned out often wishes she wasn't. A new mom, Alice has begun to feel dull and unattractive, but sees herself in an entirely new light when Adam begins to notice her. Alice is played by Dublin-born actress Charlotte Bradley.

Rounding out the ensemble cast of new faces to American audiences are Alan Maher as the Owens' sole son David; comedian Tommy Tiernan as Simon, Lucy's stand-up comic ex-boyfriend; and veteran film and stage actress Rosaleen Linehan as Peggy, the Owens' matriarch, who watches her son-in-law-to-be transforms her family.

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