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Meet The New Dublin

Adam follows the Owens family across a Dublin never really seen before on film. This is the modern, upscale, stylish Dublin of hip galleries, trendy restaurants and neo European fashion eclecticism. It was the prospect of this new view that first drew the attention of Dublin-based producers Anna J. Devlin and Marina Hughes of Venus Productions to approach Gerard Stembridge about writing a script for them. The result was ABOUT ADAM.

"We've been wanting to do a modern film with very current characters located in today's Dublin," says Hughes. "We knew Gerard with right writer for it."

"Gerard is one of the most inventive voices of this generation in Ireland," adds Devlin. "His characters are fresh, hip and often very strong women.

Hughes and Devlin gave Stembridge a mandate: write a smart, sophisticated contemporary comedy about Irish life and love. Stembridge turned in a script that not only featured a quirky comic sensibility and unique multi-perspective narrative, but a wonderfully strong sense of Ireland's urban dynamism.

"Very few films like this have been made in Ireland," admits Stembridge. "But like Adam, we were willing to go off in a new direction and hope it would pay off!"


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