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About The Locations
Principal photography for the action-comedy "Meet The Deedles" began on location in the Wasatch National Forest near Park City, Utah

Principal photography for the action-comedy "Meet The Deedles" began on location in the Wasatch National Forest near Park City, Utah. The filmmakers began with the key scene where the Deedle brothers are driving with Major Flower and discover-in addition to the fact that Major Flower needs a shower-that the boot camp their father has sent them to no longer exists, and that they seem to be headed for a grueling schedule of survival training in the woods with a less-than-stable mentor. That is, until Major Flower drives his truck straight off of a mountain road, hurling the boys into a new adventure.

Filming continued on location within an hour's drive of Park City, including: the town of Morgan, doubling for a town near Yellowstone where the Deedles pick up some necessary supplies; the Ogden airport terminal, transformed into a version of the Jackson Hole, Wyoming airport where the brothers first arrive on the mainland; and a dining room in Deer Valley's Silver Lake Lodge doubling for the Park Rangers' mess hall where Phil and Stew discover that they are supposed to enjoy eating live worms.

Other scenes that were shot deep in the grandeur of the Wasatch and Uinta mountain ranges include: a rappelling sequence on a sheer rock face near Bald Mountain; scenes at the toll booths of a production-created Yellowstone Park entrance where the Deedles learn to survive in the wilderness by confiscating campers' junk food as they enter the Park; and one of the many pieces of the sequence that starts the action in Yellowstone-the eventual crash of Major Flower's truck after it has careened over and bounced down the mountainside, catapulting the boys and Flower into a raging river.

Since every moment of the film's story is packed with comedy and action, director Steve Boyum needed to meticulously envision and plan the action sequences and divide the shots that would be covered by the first unit and by an ambitious second unit.

Producer Dale Pollock was familiar with the crews and terrain of Utah, having previously produced two of his other features in the state: "A Home of Our Own," and "A Midnight Clear." "Dumb and Dumber," which producer Aaron Meyerson had executive produced, was also filmed in the state, on location in Salt Lake City and in Park City.

"This was the third film that I have made in Summit County and Wasatch County, so I was very familiar with the Wasatch range and the Uinta mountains," explains Dale Pollock. "Since we were doing a film set in Yellowstone and we needed a place with the look of Wyoming and with experienced crews, as well as a place that we would have a good experience in making the film ... I knew that we could find it all close to Park City, Utah. The landscape has the same kind of vegetation and the same grand dimension of mountains with beautiful lakes."

"Yellowstone National Park is an incredible place and is unbelievable in its beauty," notes Pollock. "But we couldn't film in Yellowstone during the height of tourist season. And ultimately, I think we have done a really good job of finding some of the prettiest spots in this part of Utah, including Bald Mountain, Mirror Lake, Thousand Peaks, Cascade Springs and Guardsman Pass. These are gorgeous locations and I think we really showcased them well in our film."

Discussing some of the logistical challenges of mounting the production, Pollock says, "Almost three-quarters of this film had exterior, day settings and that presented some pr

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