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About The Production

Principal photography began in February, 2000 on location in Vancouver, B.C. and moved to Washington, D.C. in May, 2000 to shoot eleven days of Washington exteriors including the Washington Circle, The Mall, and the Baltimore MTA train system. The company also shot a subway sequence at Washington's historic Union Station.

One of the film's most thrilling sequences was the desperate ransom drop in Washington, in which Detective Cross races on foot through rush hour traffic to keep up with the kidnapper's detailed instructions.

"We staged actual traffic jams in front of the National Portrait Gallery," says executive producer Marty Hornstein, of the shoot held during a normally deserted time of day. "It was a sight to behold."

Hornstein made a few discoveries shoot ing the many historical landmarks in the nation's capital: "The total number of different jurisdic tions and police forces in the District is 26, so, logistically I was a bit apprehensive. But it was great, and problem free. You look at the grandeur, and the history of Union Station. It was a privilege to shoot there."

Securing a subway for an entire day would prove an even more monumental task than the traffic jams, which included filming the ransom drop from a moving MTA train. Less expensive and more convincing than green- screen visual effects, the bulky camera was rigged to the outside of the train car, but keeping within the 16-inch leeway of the external switching devices.

In Vancouver, the exteriors of Gary Soneji's boat were shot in the Georgia Straits and at the Sunset Marinas, while its interiors were all shot on a soundstage. The majority of filming was completed on practical locations in Vancouver, with the exception of one and a half weeks on soundstages.

Shannon Mews, a former mansion and vast residential complex, was used for the fictional high security Cathedral School, attended by children of Congressmen and international diplomats.

The Russian Embassy sequence was shot in three separate buildings, including the historical Hycroft Mansion in the Shaughnessy section of Vancouver, the Cecil Green House on the campus of University of British Columbia, and Riverview Hospital.


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