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Otherworldly Transport: The Bubbleship
Abutting the living space on the Skytower set is a landing pad for the Bubbleship, Jack's primary form of transportation as he travels to and from Earth's surface. Kosinski was thrilled to see the vehicle he imagined several years ago -- a hybrid of a jet fighter and a Bell 47 helicopter -- finally come to life. "The Bubbleship was the first thing we designed for the film," he offers. "For everyone who grew up on Top Gun, like I did in the '80s, it is pretty spectacular to see Tom back in the cockpit flying an aircraft like this."

Oblivion thrilling, vertiginous new heights experienced when Jack pilots the Bubbleship, liberated from linear flight for a freewheeling, 360-degree freedom of kinetic aerobatics and crazily choreographed dogfights.

Cruise discusses the experience of being on the Bubbleship: "Joe showed me the drawings and the concept art, and I just thought, 'this is so cool.' I'm a pilot, and I love the way he designed it. It's as beautiful as it is on screen. Every piece of it was so smooth and elegant, and they designed it to fit my body for all the action." He laughs, "I want someone to build it so we can fly it for real."

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