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Rapid Transport: The Moto Bike
The Moto Bike was designed and built by GLORY Motor Works of Glendale, California. The company's owner, JUSTIN KELL, had direction from Kosinski that the bike had to look a certain way, but also had to function like a full-fledged motorbike. Cruise gave input as well on how he would like the bike to perform and his comfort level when riding.

Over six weeks, Kell and his team made three identical bikes, two with one seat for Jack to ride, and one with a two-person seat required for the sequence in which Jack and Julia ride together. Kell chose a Honda CRF450X motor for Jack's Moto Bike, as that motor can withstand most terrain -- even the black sand in Iceland -- and easily be started and stopped for hours at a time.

The white Moto Bike's carbon fiber wheels were made in South Africa at BlackStone Tek, and the bike was tailored for specific jumps that Cruise would be required to perform. Kell prepared for the ultimate, and the futuristic Moto Bike was designed to jump 50 feet and go up to 120 mph. Says Kell: "We built this bike to be able to do motocross. Tom is a good rider to start with, so that gave us a lot of room to play as we built."

A seasoned biker, Cruise reflects on his ride: "It's a tricky design because when I was riding there were moments that I had to carry Olga. The guys that designed this did a sensational job with not just the look of it, but changing the balance of the bike. Since I was doing jumps and running through Iceland, it had to be safe enough for me to travel at very high speeds without a helmet. I know it was tricky for them to figure out the balance of that bike, and I had a blast riding it."

The performer celebrated his 50th birthday on the Oblivion set in Iceland, and the filmmakers presented him with one of the Moto Bikes as a gift. Says Gilford, "am happy about how the Bike out. It looks like it comes from the Bubbleship, and Jack actually pulls it out all folded up from the side of the Bubbleship. We aren't quite sure what it is at first, then it unfolds and he pops it into place; then, we realize it is actually a motorcycle."

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