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Soundtrack to the World's End: Music of M83
When Kosinski wrote the story for Oblivion in 2005, he listed in the treatment a soundtrack from the mastermind behind M83, Anthony Gonzalez. He felt that M83 was an artist whose music fit the story he was trying to tell, and knew that when he made the film, his temp score should become his permanent one. The French native, who has toured internationally with bands from Depeche Mode and The Killers to Kings of Leon, debuted in 2001 and recently released his first double-disc album, "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming" as his sixth record. Says the director: "His music is not only cutting edge but it's also very emotional. It felt like a good fit for this movie."

Together with Joseph Trapanese, Kosinski's orchestrator from TRON: Legacy, they composed soaring, expansive soundscapes that distinguish Oblivionand correlate to its wondrous visuals and action. Continues Kosinski: "It's a hybrid score in a way. It has electronics and drum kits that you wouldn't recognize from M83's music, but at the same time, we've got a full orchestra and a choir. Bringing all these different elements together into something that feels cohesive and appropriate for our movie was a fun part of the process, and it blended beautifully. It sounds very original, which is all I wanted for an original film."

M83 walks us through his interest in the collaboration: "I've been wanting forever to make soundtracks, so starting with such a big, ambitious movie like this one makes me feel very lucky. and I to work on the project together, and we began talking about ideas for the score, so I started nerding out about science-fiction films and soundtracks." M83 had a number of movie score offers in the past but hadn't agreed to compose for a film. "I never had the chance to fall in love with the right script or the right story like I have with Oblivion. I feel connected to this story, and to the influences of Joe as a filmmaker, I feel ready to pull it off."

The producers were happy with his choice. Offers Clark: "Anthony Gonzalez was somebody that Joe had been tracking for some time. All of the albums that M83 had made before this film felt in preparation for Oblivion. Joe is a gifted musician himself, and this was a match made in heaven."

Production wrapped in summer 2012 in the quite tranquil June Lake, California, where Jack's Crater Lake cave, his rustic retreat from Skytower, set was built. There, Jack hoards a good deal of memorabilia from Earth's past. From collectibles that he's found in the Empire State Building gift shop to books he's kept from the New York Public Library, Jack has built a home away from home. the middle of the valley, the cast and crew spent five days on location at a remote pond surrounded by grassy knolls. On this property are several vacation cabins that date back to the early 20th century, including one owned in the late 1930s by director Frank Capra. His ancestors still enjoy vacationing in this spot today.


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