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About Celebrate Recovery
The vision for Celebrate Recovery began with John Baker, a recovering alcoholic and pastor at Saddleback Church. After Baker's own addiction nearly destroyed his family, he entered Alcoholics Anonymous, began attending church and soon embarked on a spiritual transformation. Over time, he grew increasingly uncomfortable with his inability to discuss his growing relationship with Jesus at AA meetings. He also felt that other believers like him must be struggling with similar issues and addictions, yet there seemed to be no platform for them to share their stories and pursue Christ-centered recovery together.

In a 13-page memo to his senior pastor Rick Warren, Baker shared his vision for Celebrate Recovery. Together in small, supportive groups hosted by churches, participants would work through eight principles for recovery inspired by the Beatitudes shared by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount.

After reviewing the memo, Warren encouraged Baker to start Celebrate Recovery at Saddleback Church. Forty-five people attended that first meeting in 1991... and today, more than 19,000 churches around the world have joined Saddleback Church in offering Celebrate Recovery to their own communities.

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