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Director's Statement
During the six months I spent with farmers in the American Midwest, the two phrases I heard most were "Expand or Die" and "Get Big or Get Out." These mantras fuel American and global dreams of success. Modern farmers run multi-million dollar businesses with highly advanced technology, while doubling as genetically modified seed-salesmen, who constantly check the global markets on their smartphones. The pressures are immense. I wanted to know what happens to a man when he values expansion of business over his family, his neighbor, his community and ultimately himself. Can his family stay together in the face of this intensely competitive world?

- Ramin Bahrani, 2012

A Word From Michael Pollan from the Telluride Film Festival Film Watch Program Guide, 2012:

"AT ANY PRICE takes us on a harrowing journey into the modern, post-Monsanto farm belt. This is a place where the pressures on farmers to "expand or die," as one character puts it and to rat out their neighbors creates a world in which good men find themselves resorting to desperate measures to maintain their hold on the land and a way of life that is falling apart."

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