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Alarm Bell from the Cornfields
Ultimately, the story of the Whipple family circles back to the story of the farm. There are at least two starkly contrasting ways of looking at modern high-tech farming, as Bahrani explains:

"Our story is Willy Loman popping his head up out of the cornfields saying, "I killed myself for a reason! Why did you all forget?" The whole housing and economic crisis, which has impacted the entire world, is due to people valuing expansion over valuing their families, their communities and themselves. It's no different than Willy Loman. He valued the idea of having more and getting bigger, more than he valued his own life. He knew that the social world no longer valued him as a human being. And I think that's where we're unfortunately heading as a global community. I thought this film could be an alarm bell that would ring out from the cornfields."

On the other hand, Bahrani notes: "I could not meet one old timer who told me, 'I wish for the old days.' Every single one told me, 'I would rather be in this automated tractor with air conditioning that could drive itself with GPS. Why would I want to kill my back right now? This ismuch better.' And there's the conflict. That progress comes at a price. The Whipples have to choose between the truth or survival, and they have to live with trying to succeed at any price. Each of us has to decide for ourselves what our moral compass is, who we are, and what type of world we want to live in."


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