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Playing longtime married couples who are faced with a series of unexpected and hilarious encounters proved particularly appealing for the well-known stars of Town & Country. All liked the idea of exploring the issues of love and fidelity, an area on which almost everyone has an opinion, with an all-star group of actors, many of whom have worked together before.

"I wanted to work with Peter Chelsom and, of course, Warren Beatty," said Diane Keaton about her reasons for doing the picture. "But I also liked the idea of doing something about marriage, which I find utterly fascinating. Of course, I've never been married," the actress joked. "But now, after doing this, I know I never want to be married!"

In the film, Beatty and Keaton play Porter and Ellie Stoddard, an extremely wealthy, long married couple, both of whom have successful careers. But after celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary in Paris with their best friends, Mona and Griffin, played by Goldie Hawn and Garry Shandling, it becomes clear something is wrong. When Mona suddenly catches her husband at a motel in the midst of an affair, it sets into motion a series of events that bring into question the whole idea of love, marriage and commitment and the differences between men and women on that score.

"I liked the idea of making a story about a man who had a seemingly perfect and happy marriage," director Chelsom notes. "But the film is about a serious glitch in a marriage. It's as if the characters played by Warren, Diane, Goldie and Garry catch a fever and go crazy for a couple of months and then settle. But they come out all the better for it."

The original script by veteran screenwriter Michael Laughlin (Strange Behavior) first caught the interest of producer Fred Roos (The Godfather Part II, The Conversation, Apocalypse Now). Soon after, producer Andrew Karsch came on board, followed by Warren Beatty.

"I thought it was a very witty and smart script that takes place in an interesting setting, the world of the rich, wealthy and waspy," noted Roos. Producer Karsch, whose credits include The Prince of Tides and The Rachel Papers, quickly concurred. "I think intimacy is a tough proposition these days with people everywhere. There seems to be a sense that the grass is always greener, but just accepting what you have and realizing that your choices were, in fact, great going in...that's something that can take you a long way."

After reading the script, the producers realized casting the right actor to play Porter was key to making the film work. Their initial list was limited to just one person - Warren Beatty. "Warren Beatty is dream casting for a movie like this," Karsch admits. "I just think he brings intelligence to whatever he does and today, if you want someone who's really bright and humorous and empathetic, it's hard."

Director Chelsom came onboard after Beatty was cast and was particularly drawn to working with him. Aside from Beatty's legendary stature in the business (he has personally been nominated for 14 Oscars, winning a best director Oscar for Reds), Chelsom was especially excited about working with him in a comedy.

"I think Warren is a<


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