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About the Characters
The crew members that Thor asked to join him on the Kon-Tiki were young and restless. World War II had just ended, and many didn't know where life would now lead them. They agreed to take part in a dangerous journey to a place they had never been, with people they didn't know. Each had different reasons for jumping aboard: curiosity, desire to travel, desperation, boredom - but all shared a tremendous spirit of adventure.

Our handsome, ruthless leader. Won't take no for an answer, but has an Achilles heel - he can't swim...

HERMAN WATZINGER (Anders Baasmo Christiansen)
An engineer home from the war, desperate for adventure. Thor's daring sidekick.

TORSTEIN RAABY (Jakob Oftebro)
Carefree and blue-eyed, Torstein mans the raft's radio and keeps a pet parrot aboard.

KNUT HAUGLAND (Tobias Santelmann)
A fearless war hero with a dark secret, which comes to light on the voyage.

ERIK HESSELBERG (Odd-Magnus Williamson)
Thor's childhood friend, a gifted artist. His loyalty is tested to the limit.

BRENGT DANIELSSON (Gustaf Skarsgard)
A Swedish red-bearded scientist, a deft hand with a film camera.

LIV HEYERDAHL (Agnes Kittlesen)
Thor's beautiful wife Liv who stayed behind in Lillehammer to care for their sons.

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