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Marvel's IRON MAN 3 Experience
Reflecting on the journey of making Marvel's "Iron Man 3," Gwyneth Paltrow says, "I think this movie ends in a really unexpected way and there's so much heart to it. It's about discovering yourself and what's really important. And, of course, it's done with all the fireworks and action and excitement, but there's real heart underneath it."

"The most gratifying part of the journey thus far at Marvel Studios is seeing the way worldwide global movie audiences respond to these films," says Kevin Feige. "I think people like the notion of going to see a film that fits into a broader mythological framework and 'Iron Man 3' continues that tradition. I think audiences will be satisfied when they see what Tony Stark has been up to."

Adds Robert Downey Jr., "In a way, this is the holiday season for us all as far as the 'Iron Man' of it all. If it never gets any better than this, I think we'll be satisfied because this might be our best effort yet."

Sums up director Shane Black, "I used to go to the movies and wait two hours in line to see a film, but then when I got in and saw the movie, I always thought it was worth the wait. With 'Iron Man 3' we have made every attempt to justify your wait in line. We know you're excited because you want the adventure and you love it, so we're going to give you an adventure worth waiting in line for."


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