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Crossing the Pond: The Series Heads East
After a decade of dazzling audiences with storylines playing against backdrops in Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and most notably, the gritty favelas of Rio de Janeiro, the Fast & Furious series roars across the Atlantic to Europe for its next chapter.

Lin, Moritz, Diesel and Townsend assembled a dream team of behind- the-scenes talent to help them fully realize a script that even in its earliest of drafts had readers awed. Says Townsend of the effort: "We've always said that it takes an army to make these movies. I can't begin to properly thank the hundreds of crew members who took Justin's vision and turned it into what I can honestly say is the most astonishing series of action pieces I've seen committed to film."

Franchise alumni DP Stephen Windon, costume designer Sanja Milkovic Hays, visual effects supervisor KELVIN McILWAIN (Fast Five), first assistant director VINCENT LASCOUMES (Fast Five), second unit director Spiro Razatos and second unit director of photography IGOR MEGLIC (Fast Five) were looking forward to continuing the work they began with Lin several years ago.

As with previous Lin-directed Fast & Furious films, massive set pieces dominate the action. For audiences around the world, expectations are quite high with the re lease of each subsequent chapter. Like the franchise itself, there is nothing subtle or under-the-radar when it comes to the logistics of filming one of these productions. With this chapter, two film units traversed the United Kingdom and the Canary Islands with hundreds of people, hundreds of cars and tons of equipment.

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