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Long Term Relationship
The alchemy that intermittently, unexpectedly brings Linklater, Hawke and Delpy together kicks off a writing process described as "mysterious" (by Hawke), "ego- less" (by Delpy), and "mesmeric" (by producer Sara Woodhatch). After BEFORE SUNSET, says Linklater, "Everyone wanted to know -- when's the third one? What happens?"

Six years of percolation later, the trio was again ready to bring Celine and Jesse back to life.

Hawke: "The way it works is: we run into each other for some reason and we end up talking and then we debate for a few years about how it would be that these characters would come in contact with each other again. And then an outline appears..."

Delpy: "...and we start taking notes, and Ethan will send us a scene, and then I will send them a monologue about losing the person you love, dying or whatever, and it may or may not ever end up in the film..."

Linklater: "... but it didn't totally come together until we got to Greece. We spent seven weeks, very, very intensive weeks writing, workshopping, really demanding a lot of each other."

Hawke: "People love the idea that Julie writes Celine and I write Jessie and Rick edits it or something. And that would make sense, but the truth is there's no part of this script that Julie or I or Rick hasn't had our hands in. Rick has a rule that if anybody doesn't like something, it's out and that gives us a feeling of relaxation and confidence."

Delpy: "I often write for Ethan and Ethan for me, and you know, we all work for each other and with each other. We try to let go of any ego, because otherwise the work would suffer from it."

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