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The World... After Earth
Kitai Raige lives on Nova Prime, mankind's new home. One day, he will be -- he must be -- a great Ranger, like his father before him.

Cypher Raige, Kitai's father, is the Prime Commander of the United Ranger Corps and one of the greatest leaders in the history of Nova Prime. He is widely credited with saving the humans of Nova Prime from the planet's fiercest alien threats: The Skrel and their vicious creations, the Ursa.

Starting in the 21st Century, Earth's environment became increasingly uninhabitable. Massive seismic activity caused frequent earthquakes of alarming intensity; tectonic plates shifted, creating enormous volcanoes and violent collisions between continents; clean water became scarce and the atmospheric composition changed, resulting in deadly temperature fluctuations and air too toxic for human lungs to breathe.

By 2025 AD, it was clear that mankind would need to leave Earth, if there were any chance of survival. The governments of the world convened and mandated the construction of 10 spaceships, or "arks," that could sustain human life on a quest to find a new inhabitable planet in another galaxy. The destruction of Earth came faster than any had imagined, however, and only six arks were completed in time for launch. Each ark could house only 125,000 -- just .0000625% of the human population -- but enough to start a new society. Upon leaving Earth, calendars were changed from AD to AE, reflecting our new life "After Earth."

Before leaving for good, a message was set up for any future visitors expecting to find suitable resources on the planet -- letting them know that they are approaching the most dangerous place in the universe: Earth.

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