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Shooting with the Sony 4K Camera
After Earth is the first feature to be shot with the Sony F65 4K digital camera, a state-of-the-art motion picture camera. The F65 camera's unprecedented 8K image sensor, with approximately 20 total megapixels, offers higher image fidelity than any other digital cinema production camera. With 16-bit Linear RAW File output capability, the F65 creates the gateway to an end-to-end 4K file-based mastering workflow.

"Before this movie, I was one of the staunchest advocates for film cameras," says Shyamalan, "but this particular camera, when we tested it, I thought it had a kind of integrity about it -- and by integrity, I mean a vocabulary. It was able to turn its technical prowess into an artistic point-of-view, without giving the image any of the 'coolness' or 'detachment' that I was expecting from digital -- it has a great ability to capture colors and convey rich colors in a way that's pleasing to the eye. It also had a lot of practical positives, in that I could shoot in very low light -- which was critical on this movie, because we were in the canopies underneath redwood trees and in the rainforest, and there simply isn't enough light early in the morning or late in the afternoon in those locations if you're not using this camera. To have the richness of the vocabulary and the extension of the practical limitations felt too good to be true."

"The location in the jungle of Costa Rica was so dark, that if we'd been shooting on film, we would have been struggling," says After Earth's director of photography, Peter Suschitzky. "The best digital cameras today are, I feel, superior to film cameras in the amount of detail recorded and in the contrast range which they give. The Sony camera is a step forward. In any case, however beautiful the image which film can give, one of the realities of today is that film is rarely projected on film. Film is digitized and then digitally projected, and there is a loss of image quality in doing this. I prefer to start with a digital image."


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