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Director's Notes: Story
It began with the fact that my work has always focused on relationships between men and women. Marriages are never forced in Judaism. In the Hasidic world in which this film is set, parents do raise proposed matches with their children, but even then the young couple must agree.

I was chatting with someone at the wedding of a friend's daughter, when a pretty young girl no older than eighteen came up to our table. She was wearing a gold watch, diamond earrings, and a ring that highlighted the stone in its setting -- a clear indication that she was recently engaged. My friend congratulated her with a warm mazal tov, but still, there was something a little odd about their conversation. When the girl left, my friend said to me: "Did you see that pretty young thing? She got engaged a month ago to the husband of her late sister."

That was all I needed to set my imagination into overdrive. All it needed was a brief time to stew within me before I came up with the outline for the story of Fill the Void.

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