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Director's Notes: Motivation
I set out on this journey out of a deep sense of pain. I felt that the ultra-Orthodox community has no voice in the cultural dialogue. You might even say we are mute. It's fine for someone on the outside to interpret us as long as someone on the inside is telling a story. Our political voice is loud -- even boisterous -- but our artistic and cultural voice remains muffled and faint. I'm not good at agendas and politics. What I am good at is telling a story. I'm good at telling about those things I'm passionate about, and what can I do? They are all tied to the ultra-Orthodox world of observance.

Fill the Void has nothing whatsoever to do with the religious-secular dialogue. That doesn't interest me quite as much. Fill the Void opens a peephole into a tiny story taken from a very special and complex world. By its very definition, it avoids making any comparison between the two worlds. It has enough self-confidence to tell its own story. I believe that the only way to bridge these two worlds is through unprejudiced honesty. If there is to be such a bridge, it must emerge from some common denominator that can be found in the heart.

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