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The Googlers
"The Googlers": A moniker reserved for the seasoned, permanent employees at Google.

Rose Byrne plays Dana Sims, a career-focused, high-achieving Google executive. "Dana is a professional woman who has sacrificed a lot of her life for work, as opposed to relationships or family," says Byrne. "Representing the voice of women, many of whom deal with the issues of balancing work and a personal life, was interesting to me."

When Nick, arrives on Google's campus, Dana becomes the object of his affections. Nick, the consummate charmer, is hard pressed to sweep Dana off of her feet. "Nick is very forward and flirty with Dana but she's got his number," explains Byrne. "She does not want him to win the internship."

A Googler of a different stripe is Lyle Spaulding, the overworked, hipster team leader and champion of this band of longshots, comprised of Billy, Nick, and Nooglers Neha Stuart, and Yo-Yo. "Lyle is a Google employee who is charged with the task of bringing that ragtag bunch together as a group of intern all-stars," says Josh Brener, who plays Lyle. "He is working on a dozen projects at any given moment, because he cannot say no to anyone."

With Lyle's help, Billy and Nick expand their knowledge and skills. "Nick, Billy and Lyle have something of a symbiotic relationship," explains Brener. Billy and Nick reciprocate by encouraging Lyle to stay true to himself. "They help Lyle come into his own and be confident and comfortable in his own skin, to not feel like he has to try so hard to fit in and be liked," explains Brener. "He learns he can stand up for himself and be his own man."

Behind Billy and Nick -- and all Nooglers and Googlers -- stands an all-knowing oracle called Headphones, played by Josh Gad. "Headphones is like a mentor who prefers to remain silent, and hides behind his headphones, but when he does speak, there's a lot of value to his words," says Gad. "We find out he is the guy behind the curtain, so to speak."

The character of Headphones was inspired by Levy's real life encounter with some of Google's Engineering gods. "When 'The Eng', as they're called, move through Google, it's like Moses parting the Red Sea," says Levy. "But they're in Birkenstocks, high black socks and headphones. They're coding away and just killing it on their keyboards."

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