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Welcome to "MU"
"We wanted 'MU' to be Mike's story," says director Dan Scanlon. "His drive and sincerity are so compelling -- his quest so personal."

From the beginning, Scanlon was drawn to the idea of self-discovery. "Setting the story at the time when Mike is first venturing into the world by himself allowed us to delve into his journey of self-awareness, experiencing with him the fun, the ups and downs, the friendships and the revelations that come with growing up. It's during these years, whether in college or not, that we tend to learn who we are. And it's not necessarily who we thought we were."

"Mike is self-assured, unwavering in his convictions," says producer Kori Rae. "But Mike's dream -- unlike Mike -- is outsized. It never occurs to him that he might not realize his goal. But we don't always get what we want, including life-long dreams. It's perhaps the hardest lesson for any of us to face, but it's the benchmark of maturity."

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