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Wigging Out
Research for "Monsters University" -- like with all Pixar films -- often involves unusual experiments conducted on the Emeryville campus. For filmmakers to execute certain actions or effects in CG animation, they first employ real-life examples in order to inform and trigger their imaginations.

For example, the production team wanted to introduce some fun visual elements to the scene in which the MU clubs are pitching their benefits to Mike as he walks across campus. "For the art club," says Nierva, "there's a fuzzball character who pours paint on his head and then slams his head against a canvas. The effects crew had a great time filming reference for the scene. They actually poured paint on a wig and slammed it against a white canvas -- over and over again. The video is hilarious."

And the resulting shot -- which takes about three seconds -- reflects the attention to detail that went into creating it.

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