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When it came time to design the interior of the School of Scaring, artists knew they had to match the wow factor of the outside. The team referenced a variety of sources, but one in particular became the key inspiration for the interior design: Dean Hardscrabble.

"I think it's an extension of Hardscrabble," says Kondo. "More than anything, it represents what she's worked for. It's the tradition and history of Scaring manifested. It's what Mike loves, it's what Sulley loves. It's the center of the school, where so many ideas meet and we wanted that level of importance to come across."

According to Kondo, early concept art featured very dark tones and the team leaned toward a more theatrical design that would suit the Dean during her dramatic backlit scenes. The team utilized hardwood and stoic pillars that were intended to showcase the theatrical look, but garner the respect a grand cathedral might command. They had countless Ivy League references on hand as well that ensured an academic feel to the overall design. Production designer Ricky Nierva says that the academic feel was essential in the design of all of the buildings on campus, but the team was encouraged to have fun. "We monsterized our buildings with claw motifs, horns, teeth, spikes, tentacles and faces. We even have conduit running through the interior sets since everything would run on scream power.

"It's been really fun," continues Nierva. "The whole idea was to make it as fun as possible, because college can be fun. The monster world offers really unique opportunities to play with the design."

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