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Hittin' the Dorms
The idea of dorm life conjures an image for almost everyone and that's exactly what filmmakers wanted to capture. Says Kondo, "For people who had gone to college, we wanted it to ring true: 'Oh my gosh, that's totally like the dorm that I lived in.' You have that standard bed, desk, bookcase and closet. The fun is what the student brings into that space."

Moviegoers will see Mike's dorm room early in the film, so the team had to zero in on his 18-year-old tastes. "Mike's all about Scaring," says Kondo. "He's there to be the best student he can be, to study, to really work hard towards it. But we had to have Little Mikey, his stuffed animal that he has in 'Monsters, Inc..' He also has this 'Full Scream Ahead' Scarer's bedcover that he's likely had forever. It's all about adding a layer of depth to Mike. We show where's he's been -- with all of his items from home -- and where's he's going -- with a calendar outlining his semester. And of course he's got a great view of the School of Scaring: his goal is right there in sight."

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