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Fraternity Row
One of the critical areas in the "Monsters University" campus layout is fraternity row, where Mike -- and eventually Sulley, too, hear voices of doubt -- literally. When their rivalry gets them kicked out of the School of Scaring, they turn to the Greek system and the annual Scare Games to earn their way back into Dean Hardscrabble's program. But their journey isn't easy. And designing the sets that played host to this part of the "Monsters University" story wasn't easy either.

The production team took several trips to different schools to reference a variety of fraternity and sorority houses and the way they were assembled at each school. "We tried to cast buildings that reflected the types of people that lived in them," says Nierva. "For example, the ROR house, which is elite -- pledged by the wealthier, more advantaged and entitled monsters, is one of the bigger houses on the cul-de-sac on frat row. It's a majestic- looking house and we monsterized it with tentacle motifs and spikes."

The JOX house, in contrast, isn't as sophisticated in appearance. Years of parties have taken a toll on the house -- though the JOX members could care less. "That house is the scene of the party," says Kondo. "It had to be full tilt with a couch out front, stolen street signs and Christmas lights."

Hitting the other extreme is the HSS house, a castle-like sorority that's home to the pale pack of Goth girls. It's also a far cry from the house that brand-new Oozma Kappa pledges Mike and Sulley ultimately call home.

The Oozma Kappa fraternity was founded to offer brotherhood to monsters who didn't fit in elsewhere. So when filmmakers decided to house these misfits not in a typical fraternity house setting, but in doting mother Ms. Squibbles' home -- artists had fun with the design, filling the house with traditional furniture and family portraits on the walls.

"We imagined Grandma's house," says Kondo. "We included a lot of dainty grandmotherly patterns all around the house, but if you look closely, there are monster motifs in all of them -- the delicate roses have thorns and eyeballs in them."

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