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About the Music
Producer Harald Kloser is also one of the film's composers, writing the score with his composing partner Thomas Wander. White House Down marks Kloser's fourth score for a Roland Emmerich-directed picture. "Thomas and I are like a well-oiled machine," he says. "When we're starting on a project, it's exciting to me to figure out how we're going to create the mood with the music. It's like when you cook a meal -- you choose the ingredients first, and then you decide what you're going to make. When you write a score, you can create a different mood by choosing, for example, a string quartet or a 150-piece orchestra and choir. So that's super-exciting for me. On White House Down, the score is metallic, it's electronic, it's modern, it's not old-fashioned, I hope. There's a lot of up-tempo music -- maybe even in scenes where you wouldn't think of an up-tempo score."


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