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The Finish Line
One of the final stages of the race to finish TURBO was the intricate sound design created by three-time Academy Award-winner Richard King (The Dark Knight, Inception, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World). King worked closely with Soren to further define the film's vibrant characters and environments through their sounds. Among their principal challenges was creating Turbo's signature powering-up racing sounds, and differentiating them from the terrifying and deafening engines of the thirty-two Indy 500 cars pitted against him.

Soren also employed cutting-edge techniques to create the Indy 500 crowd scenes -- 300,000 people strong. (It's the biggest single day sporting event in the world.) "There are more crowds in TURBO than any in animated film history," says the director. To accomplish that, "we devised a system that allowed us to cover huge crowds with relatively low amounts of rendering time, in a way never before possible."

This kind of technical wizardry was always in service of TURBO's colorful characters and classic-with-a-twist underdog tale. "I think audiences will really get behind Turbo's determination and dreams," says Soren. "There's a quality about underdog stories where you just can't help but start rooting for the character, get swept up by them, and start rooting for them. And by the end, you're kind of pumped.

"I'm most proud of the fact that TURBO seems to bring a special kind of emotional engagement, satisfaction, and investment in the characters."


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