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The Gestation of "Bubble Boy"
The character of Bubble Boy Jimmy Livingston first emerged from the fertile imagination of producer Beau Flynn. After his success with "Tigerland" and "Requiem for a Dream," Flynn was interested in developing a road trip movie. However, he wanted a unique premise. "I came up with a lot of scenarios and finally combined the idea of a road trip with that of a young man who's in love with the girl next door but, she's running off to get married. The twist is that he has one huge obstacle. The lovelorn guy believes he can't breathe regular air," Flynn says. "He's been living in an isolated germ-free environment his entire 17 years of his life. Therefore, in order to achieve his goal to go after the woman he loves, he has to use his skills to build a portable bubble in which to travel."

Producer Flynn had been impressed with the work of screenwriters Cinco Paul and Ken Dario who wrote, among other films, the script for the movie "Special." Flynn invited the two writers to meet with him. "I pitched my idea to Cinco and Ken and within an hour we'd hashed out most of the story," Flynn says of their prompt collaboration. "Then we took it to Touchstone Pictures. They eagerly responded to our idea."

"We wanted to tell the story of a boy who had lived a completely sheltered life, and then was forced to venture out into the world for the first time," screenwriter Cinco Paul says of the transition from idea to screenplay. "Every step of his journey he's confronted with the evils of the world, things his mother warned him about in order to keep him in his bubble room. But it's these experiences which help him to become a bubble man."

Adds screenwriter Ken Daurio, "‘Bubble Boy' is basically a story about the fact that in order to appreciate the good in the world you have to experience the unpleasantness of it, too. Amidst all the crazy stuff going on with bikers, freaks, cult members, etc., is the message that you can't keep yourself sheltered and protected from everything in the world. You have to go out and experience life for yourself."

Producer Flynn agrees. "I like stories about people pursuing a dream, regardless of how crazy or dangerous or wild that dream may be," he says. "Metaphorically, what the bubble boy stands for is freedom. That's what everyone should strive for."

From the very beginning, producer Beau Flynn was enthusiastic about the exciting possibilities for "Bubble Boy." He recognized that this movie had three intrinsic components: a meaningful story, great characters for exceptional actors and the potential to be visually exhilarating. "When we began discussing who would be the best filmmaker to direct ‘Bubble Boy,' we knew we needed someone with a distinctive vision. There are a lot of talented people in Hollywood and we were in a lucky position because there were many people who wanted to do this film. However, director Blair Hayes won us over with his complete understanding of the story and his passion for the project. Blair was the perfect director for this film."

Following a decade of tremendous success in the world of international advertising, creating award-winning commercials for television, as well as the much acclaimed teaser trailer for the box office blockbuster "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me," Blair Hayes was more than ready to enter the field of Hollywood feature filmmaking. In preparation for his debut, Hayes read over 100 screenplays, searching for a worthy project – one he could work on for<

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