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Nicholas Hytner directs THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION, a contemporary romantic comedy/drama that pushes the tender lines between love, sex and friendship. Produced by Laurence Mark, the script is written by Wendy Wasserstein, based upon the novel by Stephen McCauley.

Also in the cast are Nigel Hawthorne, Alan Alda, Allison Janney and newcomer Amo Gulinello. Diana Pokorny is co­producer, Oliver Stapleton is the director of photography, Jane Musky is the production designer and Tariq Anwar is the editor.

THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION provided the opportunity for director Nicholas Hytner to delve into some issues which had long interested him. "What kind of love underpins a permanent relationship?" asks Hytner. "How dependent is it on sexual passion? Since most successful marriages mature into intense romantic friendships, is it possible to build a marriage without sexual foundations? Isn't friendship alone enough? These are the kind of questions we wanted to explore."

Jennifer Aniston portrays Nina, whose unrequited love for her roommate leads to a tricky dilemma. Aniston, one of the popular stars of the hit television series "Friends," has appeared in several feature films including "She's the One," "'Til There Was You" and "Picture Perfect," the latter of which marked her first starring role.

Paul Rudd, who starred opposite Alicia Silverstone in the 1996 hit film "Clueless," plays George Hanson, the gay man who moves in with Nina while nursing a broken heart, and who soon becomes her best friend.

Nigel Hawthorne, who was Oscar­nominated for his starring role in Nicholas Hytner's "The Madness of King George," portrays Rodney, an acerbic theatre critic; Alan Alda has the role of Sidney, a successful literary agent who courts celebrities, and Allison Janney is Constance, his match­making wife.

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