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The Production

In taking on the extreme action and situations of the latest Bond adventure, director Roger Spottiswoode strove to ground the action in reality. Working closely with production designer Allan Cameron and director of photography Robert Elswit, Spottiswoode conceived settings which would ring true to today's audiences. "Robert's and Allan's styles update Tomorrow Never Dies to give it the feel of a modern thriller without losing the characteristic touches of the 007 series," he says, noting that Elswit gave the film a look that is totally new to the series. "The high-tech realism and real colors and light truly add a dose of reality to the picture."

"The Bond Films are such a well-established genre that you can't really step outside that as a designer," muses production designer Cameron. "There is a certain look that is expected in a Bond film and it's quite fun on your first one to try to achieve that. The scale of it all is interesting to work to. I always try to work closely with the director of photography and we have to have a good working relationship because the final look of the film depends on both of us. Robert (Elswit) likes a lot of shiny surfaces and I like shiny surfaces and refracted light - so it worked very well in this case."

On the stages at Frogmore, Cameron and his crew created the MI6 Situation Room at the beginning of the film and then transformed it into Carver's office in Saigon and his office in Hamburg - with re-painting, re-dressing and different wall textures. "We took the large screen down and put in the 100 screen wall, which changed the whole feel and became a different set," Cameron remembers. "We also put in a floor to change it from one to the other so the difference in levels made a major change to the set."

Adds Jonathan Pryce: "I love working on the Bond sets. My first scenes were filmed on a very spectacular set (in Carver's Hamburg Headquarters) with 108 video screens all with real information on them. Just the size and detail of the sets is staggering."

Cameron concludes: "I have always loved the spectacular sets in Bond films and I have enjoyed my first experience with 007. It was hard work but always interesting and hopefully Bond fans around the world will be happy with the results."

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