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A Love Story

"We create an unbroken chain of unrequited love," says Nicholas Hytner. "And we probe the terrible ache that occurs when the object of your affection can't return the affection with the same intensity with which it's offered."

"For me, this is a classic love story," suggests producer Laurence Mark. "The reason that contemporary love stories are so difficult to create is because there are no obstacles left. It used to be religion...or class ...or age. Those are no longer obstacles of any significance. As obstacles go, gay sounds like a pretty good one."

"As with any character, I just wanted to play George with honesty and dignity and conflict," reflects actor Paul Rudd.

"Why does she fall in love with him?" asks Jennifer Aniston. "Because George everything that Nina has never had in a partner or even in a friend. He loves her. He respects her space, her thoughts, her decisions. George is her best friend."

"Sexual desire in our movie is as chaotic and disruptive as it is irresistible," says Hytner. "And it creates a hell of a lot of problems for nearly everyone. But sexuality, in the sense of sexual preference, isn't a problem at all, at least for the gay characters. There are no limp wrists and no slit wrists."

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