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Dance Lessons And Rehearsals

In addition to rehearsing with their fellow actors, Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd had an ongoing schedule of dance lessons. Working with Broadway choreographers Jerry Mitchell and his assistant, Jodi Moccia, the instruction covered a wide range of ballroom dance styles including the fox­trot, the tango and the waltz. The results are seen in a wedding scene where George and a very pregnant Nina move gracefully around the dance floor, impressing the guests in attendance.

"It seems like in everything I've done so far, I've had to take dancing lessons," laughs Rudd. "I danced in 'Clueless,' albeit poorly. And I had dancing lessons for 'William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet,' which I really enjoyed, because I took them from the guy who choreographed 'Strictly Ballroom."'

Rehearsals commenced several weeks before the start of production, and continued throughout the filming. The rehearsals and the shooting itself were marked by Hytner's skill in working with actors. According to Alan Alda, "Nick is a really fine director. The greatest mark of his intelligence is that he's able to say what he means with the simplest language. It's deceptively simple, but very concrete."

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