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The Wives
SALMA HAYEK plays Lenny's wife, Roxanne. This very fashion-conscious woman leaves LA for the small-town, east-coast life. "She's the only fish out of water," says Hayek. "The rest of the characters grew up together. So it takes her some time to find her place in her new home town."

For Hayek, the chance to re-team with the cast of Grown Ups was the only invitation she needed. "I was so excited to get back together with these wonderful actors and comedians," she says. "We've stayed in touch and I love to work with them -- they are so good. I especially love the girls, Maria and Maya -- we really bonded last time and we're more relaxed this time. Maya is one of the best comediennes in America, and she actually gets better, year by year. And Maria just brings it -- she was fierce."

Hayek says that being on the set is an inspiration for all of the actors to do their best comedic work. "I was really impressed by how funny everyone was -- even actors that you wouldn't expect. Shaquille O'Neal was a revelation to me -- he's hilarious, and in this one, he's the funniest he's ever been."

MAYA RUDOLPH plays Deanne McKenzie, the wife of the character played by Chris Rock. She says, "Chris is hands down one of the smartest, funniest people alive so getting to work with him is always a dream. He can seriously talk to you about anything and I guarantee it will be the most insightful, intelligent, most hilarious take on an issue that you've ever heard. He could read me the Chili's menu and I'd be happy."

MARIA BELLO plays Sally Lamonsoff. She says that a working on an Adam Sandler production is unlike any other. "You have so much freedom," she says. "Adam and the guys expect you to make improvisational choices with your character. Not every choice you make will make it into the movie, but that's OK -- some will, and they'll be some of the biggest laughs you get."

"This time, when I got the call, I knew what to expect -- I was going back to summer camp," she continues. "Adam and Happy Madison create that atmosphere for all of us in Marblehead and Swampscott. It's a really fun production -- I was thrilled."

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