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About the Stunts
Grown Ups 2 2nd Unit Director / Stunt Coordinator Scott Rogers says that he found his role changing from the beginning of the process until the film wrapped. "When I first read the script, I thought, 'Oh, this has some funny gags.' By the time we were done, I was amazed at how much we'd done -- what started as a simple little comedy turned out to have huge cliff jumps, a rolling tire, and an epic battle royale fight sequence," he says.

Rogers says that the jump off the cliff is standard stuff, if you're a professional stuntman. "Basically, we were slamming into the water while wearing a very uncomfortable amount of clothing," he says.

Chris Rock says, slyly, "I jumped off the quarry -- in just the same way as Tom Cruise climbed that building in Mission Impossible. We know he did that, right?"

For Alexander Ludwig, it was a rare joy. "It was one of the best scenes I've ever had the pleasure of filming. What other movie lets you jump off a 50-foot cliff in between takes?"

Another stunt involved David Spade and a rolling tire. "That was a challenge -- if you bury the actor in the tire, you can't see him," says Rogers. "So we had to purposely build a prop tire where David wouldn't be fully buried inside it, but it still had to look just like a real tire. We also had to be able to mount a camera inside. Well, we actually rolled him inside the tire down the street. It's one of those scenes that's just so much funnier when you see it's really the actor doing it -- it completely makes the scene. When David was in it, we had complete control over the tire -- we drove a cart that pulled the tire. But then, with a stunt double, we got it going up to 18 miles per hour. It was pretty funny."

Dugan says that Spade was not entirely on board for the stunt at the outset. "I had to do it first," he says. "Only after he saw an old man had done it was he embarrassed enough to do it. I'm glad he did, because it's very funny and very cool."

For the final fight sequence at the party, many stunt men and free runners were brought in to choreograph the action. Rogers explained, "The actors were full tilt, it was pretty amazing to watch. Between the cast, the stunt people, and the extras, we had to be pushing 300 people on camera. We spent about a week working on all of the separate little fights in the sequence."

Dugan says that the party scene involved another memorable stunt. "We wanted to have a guy skiing down a roof and doing a belly flop into the pool. Well, Peter Dante says, 'I'll do it,'" he remembers. "Of course, he wasn't really doing it -- he was in a harness, tied to cables. Still, he smacked into that water, face down. My face and belly hurt just thinking about it. He got up and came out of the water, and he was mildly goofy for about three days -- but Peter Dante's mildly goofy is way beyond what the rest of us are."

But even though Grown Ups 2 had so much more action than expected, Rogers still sees a way to top it: "If we do Grown Ups 3D, that'll be epic."


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