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Filming in Louisiana
Another eight weeks of photography took place in Louisiana, where existing locations brought life to the rich interior world of 2 Guns. Emmett/Furla Films had shot several movies in Louisiana, and Emmett felt it was a good location for this project. He states: "I brought it up with Balt and discussed with him the pros of filming there. A location scout also thought it would be a good place; thus, the decision was made to film the movie in Louisiana."

One of the key scenes of the film is when we first meet Bobby and Stig in a picturesque, small Texas town at a diner across the street from the Tres Cruces Savings & Loan. As luck would have it, this S&L they're preparing to rob happens to be across the street from a police station. Bobby and Stig stake out the bank from a well-worn window booth at Mama Maybelle's Diner (where you can get the best doughnuts in three counties). These street-corner scenes were shot in Amite City, Louisiana, and they represented a substantial build for Mickle's crew. To achieve the proper perspective on the bank, her team built the diner as a faƧade around the front of a historic house. She explains: "That set was such a wild challenge because we weren't allowed to anchor anything onto the roof of the existing historic house behind it; it was just a miracle in engineering."

For the S&L, Mickle's crew completely rebuilt the building interior and turned back the clock on the approximately 80-year-old former bank, which is currently the Amite Chamber of Commerce. On the opposite corner, the city's police station, which is also seen in 2 Guns, is perfectly positioned alongside train tracks. Explains Kormakur: "I wanted to use the train to cut through the scene in a couple of places, and it's relevant because there are trains coming through those small towns like crazy. It's a wink at the Westerns."

After he wings Bobby in the shoulder, Stig dutifully delivers the entire take from the heist to Lt. Cmdr. Quince in San Antonio. For these scenes, the fictional Camino Royale hotel was re-created in a penthouse suite at Harrah's New Orleans, as well as the lobby of the century-old Le Pavillon Hotel -- a few blocks from the infamous French Quarter.

Various neighborhoods in New Orleans filled out the characters' personal lives: the sober, yet elegant, home of dedicated veteran DEA agent Marlon Jessup was found near Audubon Park. DEA agent Deb Rees' bohemian ranch-style home was lensed in the River Ridge neighborhood. Finally, the neatly kept stucco-and-brick houses of Kenner provided a cushy neighborhood for Papi Greco's mistress, Daisi (Snitch's DORIS MORGADO), and their son, Javier (newcomer SAMUEL BACA-GARCIA).

No location offered more reality in Louisiana than Amite City's stockyard, which became Papi Greco's ranch stockyard interior. Located just two miles from the Tres Cruces bank set, the stockyard gives us our first glimpse of the deceptively charming drug lord. When Bobby attempts to make a deal with Papi Greco that will secure evidence and contribute to the takedown of the cartel, both their fates are sealed.

The crew returned to the stockyard to capture the unconventional interrogation of Bobby and Stig, with Papi Greco determined to recover his share of the heist from the now-fugitive operatives. The stockyard's maze of catwalks, chutes and cattle pens provided the perfect setting for an element of the film's dramatic finale, a Mexican standoff among Earl, Quince, Bobby and Stig.

For the scenes in which our heroes must race to Naval Air Station Corpus Christi to steal back money they believe is hiding in Quince's office safe, the production was off to its next locale. Federal City, a 155-acre former naval support facility on New Orleans' West Bank, hosted the cast and crew for five days as mayhem ensued. While Stig plays decoy on a tire-squealing chase with the MPs, Bobby discovers more than he bargained for in Quince's office and must concoct a not-so-discrete, three-alarm exit strategy.


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