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About the Smurfs
Feisty SMURFETTE hasn't been feeling like her sparkly self -- it's her birthday and that always brings reflection. She's been having some uneasy thoughts that maybe she isn't really 100% true blue Smurf. True, Gargamel created her, but Papa used magic to make her a real Smurf. So, when Gargamel kidnaps her on the eve of her birthday, and she is introduced to her newly-created siblings, the Naughties, she starts to form a bond. Papa musters a daring rescue, but will she choose the family she knows, or the new family she's discovered?

Nine-time Grammy Award nominee Katy Perry lends her own nuanced, energetic, and sensitive combination to the voice of Smurfette.

"It was fun to get back into character," says Perry. "blocked out a couple of days to prepare for it, because I get into a zone where I really have to turn it on. Smurfette isn't my normal voice -- it's like my voice and a bag of rocks, with a pinch of sugar."

Perry says she was gratified by the chance to work in scenes opposite Christina Ricci. "It's nice to know that she's playing my evil twin," says Perry. "I really look up to her, both as a person and as an actress -- she's done so many incredible films."

"Katy's performance is amazing, because she's able to portray both sides of Smurfette -- from one moment to the next, she finds the character immediately," says Kerner. "On the one hand, you have the kittenish, funny, sweet Smurfette character that everyone in Smurf Village embraces. On the other hand, this is a very dramatic story for her character -- she's kidnapped, separated from the Smurfs, and thinks she's never going to see her family again. All of that sense of abandonment, and loneliness, and fear comes through in Katy's vocal performance. She's just revelatory as a comedic actress. She will be a major comedienne in films. Brilliant instincts, inherently funny, and just beautiful."

PAPA SMURF is, of course, the wise, kind and gentle parent to his 100 children (99 boys and 1 girl), doing his best to make each one feel safe and loved and keep the Village a happy place. When Smurfette is kidnapped by Gargamel, it's all for Smurf and Smurf for all! Papa loves all his children equally, but can't deny that the bond with his adopted daughter has always been special. She's always felt like she doesn't belong, and even Papa isn't quite sure how to prove to her that she's a True Blue Smurf.

Comedy legend Jonathan Winters is the voice behind the altruistic, gentle and wise Papa Smurf.

Even after a heroic trip to New York City, CLUMSY has not developed any new, graceful moves. That's OK -- he knows that it's what's on the inside that counts most. So while he might not seem like an obvious choice for a rescue mission -- and in fact, it's his two left feet that bumble him into the job -- he just might be a perfect choice after all.

Anton Yelchin gives voice to the innocent, exuberant Smurf with a heart of gold, Clumsy. He says that coming back into the booth to record the character was as comfortable as wrapping oneself in a warm blanket. "We had already done the hard work, on the first film, of figuring out what the character was going to be, what he was going to sound like, so I could just enjoy myself," says Yelchin. "The second time around, I was used to the way it works -- in animation, lines can change, animation can change, and that gives you a freedom in the booth."

"The first film was about Clumsy discovering that he doesn't always have to just be clumsy; he can be heroic, too," Yelchin continues. "I think this film builds on that -- he's still doing everything that got him the name Clumsy in the first place, but now, he thinks of himself as a hero, too -- it's fun to play with that idea. I enjoy playing Clumsy because he's so much fun -- he's very sensitive and tender, but also very funny and silly. And did I mention he's a hero? He'd be very upset with me if I didn't mention that."

GROUCHY has always been the Smurf to see a dark cloud in any silver lining and going on another rescue mission really ticks him off! But that's all about to change. In a fit of negativity, he looks for inspiration. He'll proudly rename himself Positive Smurf! (Really?) With his glass now half-full, he discovers how much an upbeat attitude can contribute -- but will the sunny disposition hold up when the Smurfing gets tough?

George Lopez is the voice that captures all of Grouchy's irascible personality.

Meet VANITY, definitely the most handsome guy in the Village -- as he'd be the first to tell you. Sure, he's got charm and looks, but as far as being a valuable member of a search-and-rescue team, the only place you'll find him looking is in a mirror. Even so, Vanity might just surprise you by revealing an inner depth and courage at a time when it's needed the most. Or not.

English comedian and star reporter for "The Daily Show" John Oliver provides the voice that puts the panache in Vanity.

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