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One Man, Two Monsters
At six foot-eleven, Robert Maillet is hard not to notice. The statuesque actor plays two roles in PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS but audiences won't actually see Maillet's face as either the legendary Cyclops Polyphemus, or as Luke's monstrous henchman, Laistrygonian.

Alec Gillis, the film's special makeup effects designer and creator (with Tom Woodruff, Jr.) created the look for Polyphemus and for the Oracle. For the latter, says Gillis, "the goal was to make her look like she's part of her surroundings." We wanted her to look real and grounded in reality, and that was part of the decision to make her animatronic. While we had other characters played by actors in makeup, we wanted a different look for her, partly because she has empty eye sockets and skeletal features that you just couldn't do with a human being. So that led us to create an animatronic puppet."

The Oracle was operated by four puppeteers, two on remote control devices that radio-controlled her facial movements, and two using direct hand linkages (i.e. hand puppet) or cable controllers.

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