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Creating Camp Half-Blood and Other Magical Sets
To create the fantastic, mythological world of PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS production designer Claude Pare, three art directors, three set designers and an army of artists, carpenters, painters and set decorators, worked tirelessly to build an array of monumental sets, including a full-blown 200-seat, outdoor amphitheater; a towering 43-foot tall mechanical training machine (inspired by medieval Leonardo da Vinci concepts); the ancient residential village of Camp Half-Blood; the lair of the Cyclops, Polyphemus, and the surrounding, abandoned amusement park on Polyphemus' island.

In October 2011, Pare and his team began what would be six months of prep, and as the start of production grew closer, there were between 200 and 400 crew people building sets. Pare and his teams created much of Camp Half-Blood at Robert Burnaby Park, in the suburb of Burnaby, East of Vancouver. "The scope of the park and its open clearing gave us a giant opportunity to open up the Camp to something that has no limits," says Pare. "Camp Half-Blood has to be magical, and I really wanted to make it a place where you wish you had spent your summers." The Coliseum was erected over a tennis court and five cottages were built in the wooded area nearby. The training tower towered 43 feet over the park.

The Ironclad Civil War ship, Mr. D's office in the Big House, the Attic where Percy meets the Oracle, the Gray Sisters' taxi ride, the innards of the Charybdis sea monster and Polyphemus' Lair scenes were all filmed on stage at Mammoth Studios in Burnaby. The exterior of Mr. D's Big House was shot at Foxglove, a magnificent residence and farm in Langley, near Vancouver, while the interior of his office filmed at a mansion in the Shaughnessy neighborhood of Vancouver. The Washington, D.C. scenes were filmed at the neo-classical Vancouver Art Gallery and other downtown Vancouver locations; the Chesapeake Beach scene was filmed on Ambleside Pier in West Vancouver.

PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, from April 2012, until mid-June, and then production moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, where filming continued until the end of July.

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