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Sea to Shining Sea
Members of the production team also visited the USS Carl Vinson. The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, which boasts a rich history dating back to its launch in 1980, proved to be great reference for a scene in the film that's set on an aircraft carrier. Balthazor-Flynn joined Hall and a few other members of the team, observing target practice, plus a number of takeoffs, including a Hornet, helicopters and C-2 Cargo planes. "Landing on the aircraft carrier, then riding it into the harbor ranks right up there among the top 10 things I've done in my life," says Balthazor- Flynn. "It was fantastic speaking to the crew -- we even ran some of the film's dialogue by a few of the officers."

Adds Hall, "There's a crew of about 5,000 men and women -- many are 18-19 years old. It made me truly proud to witness part of how our Navy works. We were able to fly in and tail hook on the deck, which is pretty cool."

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