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Making Music
Three-Time GRAMMY -Winning Composer Mark Mancina Makes Score Soar Award-winning composer Mark Mancina, who won a GRAMMY for Best Soundtrack Album (with Phil Collins) for his work on Disney's 1999 feature "Tarzan," produced and composed the score for "Disney's Planes." The music reflects the diverse characters and global setting featured in the story.

"All of the themes are based on the background and location of the characters," says Mancina. "Dusty is our middle-America character. Skipper is the old-school military hero. Ripslinger is too cool for school."

Mancina created the themes utilizing a wide range of instrumentation. The 80-piece orchestra includes a variety of string instruments, from electric and acoustic guitars to Sitars. The score features a mariachi band, plus samba, techno music, Polka, Arias and heavy metal. The composer also employed a 22-voice men's choir. "Of course, we have multinational music as well -- British, Indian, Mexican -- to name a few."

Filmmakers turned to a rock band to open the film using a track titled "Nothing Can Stop Me Now," which illustrates the desire that Dusty has to become a racer. The contemporary rock track features driving guitars designed to propel moviegoers into the story. Mark Holman wrote and performed the song, which was produced by the legendary producer and mixer Ed Cherney. The song itself is used as a background vocal, and the reprise is used as the first end-credit vocal.

Mancina says the climactic conclusion of the film features nine minutes of intense musical storytelling that proved challenging, but helped filmmakers showcase the emotional finale of Dusty's lofty endeavor.

"Disney's Planes" also features original songs "You Don't Stop -- NYC," written by Ali "Dee" Theodore and performed by Chris Classic and Alana D., and "Fly," written by Jon Stevens and John Fields and performed by Jon Stevens of The Dead Daisies.


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