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Why did such a seemingly talented and passionate man stoop to such damaging sexual duplicitousness? Did he really love either of them? Can love exist under a veil of lies? And what about his mother?

These and other questions come to the fore in James Toback's provocative, sexy and cinematically inventive look at the comedy and confusion of romance: "Two Girls and a Guy."

Writer/director James Toback re-examines the age-old love triangle from an entirely new angle in his provocative comedy "Two Girls and a Guy." Shot in just eleven days almost entirely in real time and with a frank sexual realism, the film is a bold attempt to capture dramatically and visually the intensity, complexity and ambiguity of modern relationships in a time when fidelity, sexuality and honesty aren't always a happy trio.

Which of the three will survive and who will fall in love are two of the questions that drive the psychological suspense in this emotionally charged tale of the late '90s.

"The essential idea," Toback says, "was to portray and dramatize an increasingly significant part of the modern sexual/romantic world, a world in which AIDS, while acknowledged as the ongoing health danger it surely is, has ceased to paralyze people in their quest for sexual discovery, a world in which traditional ideas about romance and love - sexual fidelity, commitment, permanence - are all being rigorously re-examined, a world in which honesty and directness are qualities valued as highly in theory as they are violated frequently in practice."

Thus was set in motion a story of three characters drawn into an unexpected dissection of the desires, passions and fears that brought them together in the first place and will perhaps now drive them apart.

Says Toback: "These two women have each spent ten months with Blake, thinking he was theirs. Now they know he's a liar and a cheat. So a) they want to know how he did it; b) they want to know why he did it; and c) there's still a matter of competition between them."


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