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Justice Forever

  • Sal Bertolini/Colonel Stars and Stripes (Jim Carrey) is a morally driven ex-mobster, a leader who is decked out in camouflage and an iconic mask. He patrols the streets with his trusted and masked sidekick, a German shepherd named Eisenhower. The Colonel created Justice Forever to protect people when the system fails, and he hates foul language as much as he hates evil.
  • One of the more enthusiastic members of Justice Forever, Dr. Gravity (DONALD FAISON) is a copy- writer who pretends he's a physics professor by day and a superhero by night. His physics "knowledge" comes in handy when he creates a zero-gravity device that can levitate any object up to a ton…but in fact, it's just a baseball bat covered in tin foil.
  • A ballet teacher by day, Miranda Swedlow assumed her superhero persona, Night Bitch (LINDY BOOTH), after her sister was murdered. Although she is helping Justice Forever fight crime, Night Bitch also gets closer to its newest member, Kick-Ass... in every fast-food restaurant bathroom in the city.
  • Insect Man (ROBERT EMMS) has been bullied his entire life for being gay, so now he's standing up for the defenseless. Armed with a taser (and an impossibly wealthy knowledge of bugs), Insect Man doesn't need a mask to make the world a better place.
  • Tommy's Mom and Dad/Remembering Tommy (MONICA DOLAN and STEVEN MACKINTOSH): In the comic series, Tommy's Dad wears a homemade suit of armor, while Tommy's Mom is dressed like an Amazonian warrior. In our story, they are decked out in T-shirts with the name "Remembering Tommy" to honor their son who vanished without a trace.

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