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The Motherf%&*^r's Super-Villains

  • The spoiled son of deceased crime boss Frank D'Amico, Chris D'Amico/Red Mist / The Mother f%&*^r (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) has grown obsessed with taking revenge on Kick-Ass, who blew up Frank with a bazooka. After Chris' mother 's (YANCY BUTLER) untimely death, Red Mist -- freshly dressed in her old fetish gear and cape -- is reborn as The Mother f%&*^r. So begins the richest kid in New York City's quest to become the world's first real super-villain.
  • Javier (JOHN LEGUIZAMO) is Chris' bodyguard, and he's reluctant to call his employer by an up graded super-villain name (he had a hard enough time calling him Red Mist). The Alfred to his boss' evil Bruce Wayne, Javier is tasked with helping The Mother f%&*^r expand his super-villain team. Now that Chris has lost both parents, Javier is the only real family he has left.
  • The highest-paid member of The Mother f%&*^r 's team, Katarina Dombrovski /Mother Russia (OLGA KURKULINA) is a bodybuilder and former KGB member who can beat anyone to a pulp. She was locked up in the Gulag...until she ate her cellmate and escaped.
  • Black Death (DANIEL KALUUYA), of course named as such by The Mother f%&*^r, met Chris at an MMA gym, where he promptly kicked Chris' ass to the mat. Impressed, Chris hired Black Death to beat up anyone on his hit list.
  • Chris insists that his underling's names aren't racial stereotypes, they're archetypes. Genghis Carnage (TOM WU) is a former Chinese gangster who is looking for a new boss. The Mother f%&*^r hires him to do his heavy lifting and heavier attacking.
  • Big Tony/The Tumor (ANDY NYMAN) is reminiscent of one of our favorite Goodfellas...all 5 feet 2 inches of him. Although this psychotic killer may be small, he's mean as hell and will stab you with a broken pool cue if you look at him funny.

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