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We Brought Our Friends: Meet Justice Forever
When Marcus, Big Daddy's former partner and Mindy's guardian, makes Mindy retire from her dangerous after-school job as Hit Girl, Dave joins forces with Justice Forever, a vigilante group of masked crusaders. Wadlow explains this super-team's role in the plot: "A big part of the movie focuses on these characters trying to find who they are and defining themselves through the company they keep. Dave starts feeling like a superhero when he's hanging out with superheroes, and there are three characters in the mix who personify that sense of belonging: the Colonel, who is a real father figure for him; Dr. Gravity, who becomes his new best buddy; and Night Bitch, who becomes his new romantic interest. You see Dave enjoying being a part of this group through these relationships, especially."

In charge of recruiting and leading Justice Forever is Colonel Stars and Stripes, a morally driven ex- mobster, played by the incomparable comedy superstar Jim Carrey. Decked out in camouflage gear and a mask, the Colonel patrols the streets with his trusted and masked sidekick, a German shepherd named Eisenhower. A fusion of Colonel Stars and Lieutenant Stripes from Millar and Romita's book, the Colonel is as tough as he is unpredictable.

Discussing Colonel Stars and Stripes, Wadlow muses: "I don't think 'wild card' begins to describe the Colonel. The character is a bit of a cipher, even on the page. He's a born-again Christian; he's an ex-mob enforcer; nobody knows what his deal is. Jim Carrey was at the top of our list from the very beginning, but I thought it would never happen. This is not a massive movie, and he is one of the biggest movie stars in the world. So when we found out he was a fan of the franchise and he might be interested, obviously we pursued him doggedly. When I finally got on the phone with him, I knew that he was going to do something special. The way he carried himself, the way he transformed his body, and the way he moved...he just crafted a character that is not at all what people expect from either Jim Carrey or from the Colonel."

"Jim had clear ideas about how he wanted to play it, and he went the extra mile to get it done," adds Pack, referring to the prosthetics and teeth Carrey had made to transform his face and look more like Romita's illustrations. The producer continues: "Jim is such a fantastic comedian that it's easy to overlook that he's a brilliant, serious actor, too. In combining those talents in this character, Jim created something extraordinary."

Best known for his starring role in television's long-running Scrubs, Donald Faison plays Dr. Gravity, one of the more enthusiastic members of Justice Forever. Wadlow explains how Faison became an integral part of the team: "I knew Donald from a TV show he did with me a couple years ago. When we were casting Dr. Gravity, I kept saying, 'We have to find someone like Donald Faison.' Finally, I said, 'Why don't we get Donald to do it?' I asked if he would be willing to come to London, and he said, 'Dude, you just made my life! I've been dying to play a superhero; it would be my pleasure.' We're lucky to have him because he epitomizes the enthusiasm that Dr. Gravity has for being a superhero."

Actress Lindy Booth, who appeared in Wadlow's first feature film, Cry_Wolf, and in Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead, plays the awesomely named Night Bitch. Ballet teacher Miranda Swedlow assumes the superhero persona after her sister is brutally murdered. Night Bitch patrols the streets with Kick-Ass at her side, and the attraction she feels toward him is very much mutual. Ultimately, it's Night Bitch who explains to Kick-Ass that although they tried to make the world a better place, their superhero antics actually might have made it worse.

The Justice Forever team is rounded out by Insect Man, played by British film, stage and television actor Robert Emms, whose recent credits include Steven Spielberg's War Horse and Tarsem Singh's Mirror Mirror. Tired of getting bullied his whole life for being gay, Insect Man has decided it is time to stand up for the defenseless, and is the only superhero not to wear a mask because it'd be too much like "being in the closet." Accomplished British actors of stage and screen, Steven Mackintosh and Monica Dolan appear as Tommy's Dad and Tommy's Mom, who have created the superhero duo Remembering Tommy to honor their son who vanished. They wear masks and tracksuits, as well as T-shirts that read "Remembering Tommy."

It's at the Justice Forever headquarters that Dave's friend, Marty, reveals his superhero persona, Battle Guy (after a far-fetched story that sounds awfully derivative of Bruce Wayne's rise to crime fighter). Reprising his role from Kick-Ass as Marty is Clark Duke. Joining the franchise is Augustus Prew, a self-proclaimed massive fan of the first film, who jumped at the opportunity when the original Todd, Evan Peters, was not available. Todd desperately wants to join his best friends in Justice Forever, but their jokes about his alter ego's derivative name don't sit well with the man known as Ass Kicker.

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