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Girl on the Roof: Design, Locations and Costumes
Shooting for Kick-Ass 2 began in Toronto, which doubled for New York, in fall 2012. Approximately a month after the start of principal photography, the unit relocated to the U.K. to shoot at Pinewood Studios, with some locations work in London. Most notably, the team shot on Denmark Street, aka "Tin Pan Alley," famous for its iconic music stores and venues.

Several of the film's standout comedic scenes take place in Justice Forever's homemade headquarters, a set superbly crafted by De Rozario that was housed on the stages of Pinewood Studios. This set is a place that nobody else wants: a rundown basement with low ceilings and paint-chipped walls, not to mention a mishmash of thrown-out furniture. Just like the people inhabiting it, nobody seems to care much about the space.

Exterior sequences of the Justice Forever team fighting crime were shot in downtown Toronto. These film ing days drew attention from the public and paparazzi alike, as the team -- led by Colonel Stars and Stripes -- patrolled the streets looking to do good deeds and to vanquish villains.

No super-villain leader should suffer for lack of style. Therefore, De Rozario fashioned a hardcore envi- ron ment for Chris D'Amico that would befit his new in- carnation: an evil lair. Built in a massive workshop at Pinewood Studios, the ultimate man cave is understood to be a place Chris uncovered within his dad's criminal empire. Painted in The Mother f%&*^r's signature colors, red and black, the space contains pool tables and arcade machines, huge plasma screen televisions, a bar, cages for topless dancers and cars such as a Ferrari F40, as well as several BMWs. The piece de resistance? A massive aquarium that houses a live shark.

A fresh persona requires a brand new image, and when Chris' mother throws away his Red Mist costume, it's the perfect opportunity to acquire an upgraded one. After his mother's death, Chris stumbles upon a box of her fetish gear, which inspires his new look. "We kept the red-and-black theme," explains costume designer Sammy Sheldon Differ, "not least of all because black is an emblematic color in the villain world. He has to develop from Red Mist into something much more evil, so we decided to hint at The Mother f%&*^r -- even when he's not in his super-villain costume. This gave him an emo/ goth look, which leads into the fetish S&M outfit that he wears as The Mother f%&*^r. It's much more hardcore than his Red Mist costume."

Sheldon Differ not only upgraded Moretz's Hit Girl with stylish wigs and capes -- as well as a killer designer wardrobe for when Mindy outplays the evil Brooke -- the designer also helped Taylor-Johnson retrace his steps as Dave. Early into production, the costumer revealed that she had kept the same glasses, watch, belt and sneakers he had worn in Kick-Ass. Recalls Kick-Ass himself: "Sammy pulled together this great selection of baggy clothes, which were perfect for Dave. It helped get me back inside the character."

Dressed in a red bikini with armor, leather boots with 5-inch heels and an eye patch, the killer Mother Russia is difficult to miss. The designer says: "One of my main directions from Jeff was to be as offensive as possible without being too offensive. But we did try and pull in all the stereotypes for all of the super-villains. With Olga, she's Russian and she's big. Originally, there was a lot more to the costume. We took a lot away, ripped it back to make the most of her muscle tone. She looks amazing."

Wadlow adds that he was impressed with what his talent could do in their outfits. Discussing Olga, he says: "You think of a bodybuilder, and you think she must be in tremendous shape. But we put her in these high-heel boots that were just torture to walk around in and made her wear them for 12 hours a day while doing massive fight sequences. She never once complained. I was so impressed by her, by her strength and her passion for being there and being a part of the movie."

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