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Becoming Super: Training and Stunt Work
By the end of the sequel, Kick-Ass has to become the action hero we knew he was from day one. For this chapter, Taylor-Johnson once again showed great dedication in getting into serious shape. Indeed, he worked out religiously and maintained an appropriately strict diet through out production.

Wadlow appreciated how Taylor-Johnson looked at the production as a whole and did not simply focus on his own appearance. Sums the director: "Aaron was figuring out when we were going to shoot those scenes so that he would look how he needed to, and it would be a contrast to the way he looked in the beginning of the film. It was so impressive because, again, he was always thinking about the story; he wasn't thinking about how he looked on screen. He was thinking, 'How can I serve this story and help the audience understand this journey?'"

Hit Girl is fortunately at the center of most of Kick-Ass 2's action scenes, which were again skillfully choreographed by stunt coordinator James O'Dee. Pack explains the team's take on epic battles in the sequel: "The fight sequences are even more grounded in reality than the fights were in the first one. To an extent, and particularly with Hit Girl -- given that Chloe was only 11 -- the fight scenes were played in a slightly fantastical way to get away with the fact that an 11-year- old was killing people. It had to have a heightened sense of reality, as emotionally, it's a patently absurd notion since she was a tiny child. Whereas in this one, Chloe's older and physically bigger, so we could make the action more real."

In one of the film's pivotal scenes, Dave is kidnapped by The Mother f%&*^r's henchmen at the funeral of Dave's father's, Mr. Lizewski (GARRETT M. BROWN). To protect his son, the elder Lizewski claimed to be Kick-Ass, which costs him his life when he is murdered in jail on the orders of The Mother f%&*^r. Mindy leaps back into action as Hit Girl to rescue her friend from a certain death. Together with Kick-Ass, Hit Girl leads an army of superheroes with vicious homemade weapons to meet The Mother f%&*^r and his evil crew in an epic battle -- with more than 100 performers in costume -- in the evil lair. The showdown culminates in the Hit Girl-versus-Mother Russia battle.

Moretz shares that these were some of her hardest scenes during production, and not for reasons that you'd expect. She explains: "There's not a bad bone in Olga's body. She didn't even know how to punch someone. Here's this strong Russian woman who is a complete sweetheart. We would go from laughing and hanging out to beating up each other and trying to kill each other."

Wadlow admits that these days of intricate stunts and wirework were some of his favorite on set: "It was so fun to shoot because you can throw them around and do anything you want. Because of the difference in their physicality and the colors they wear, you know who's who and where you are in the action. Jimmy designed the fights so that we're playing to Mother Russia's strengths, showing you that whatever move Mindy has, whatever weapon she uses, Mother Russia has an answer to it."

It was a fight to the finish. "When Mindy's throwing knives at Mother Russia, they hit her gauntlet and she just wipes them off," Wadlow concludes. "When Mindy tries to run up the wall, Mother Russia grabs her and slams her. We all worked together to tell this story of two titans coming together and create this situation where we think that Hit Girl is an unstoppable little force of nature. But guess what? She just ran into something that is going to stop her, and that's Mother Russia."


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