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Working with J-C Carriere
The Patience Stone, as a film, follows its heroine through daily life and through the past times of her life. "In my book," explains Rahimi, "The woman is always by the man's side, but in the film the camera is always at her side, altering the perspective and allowing us out of the confines of a small room and into her life experiences."

Indeed, when Rahimi's friend Jean-Claude Carriere first mentioned that he thought the novel was very cinematic, Rahimi was surprised, "But as Jean-Claude and I started to work together, we devised ways of opening up the story and revealing more of the woman's life." Legendary screenwriter Carriere, who has collaborated for over five amazingly prolific decades with a panoply of cinematic greats, is married to an Iranian woman and has a strong affinity for Muslim culture.

As for the source material's cinematic potential, Rahimi says laughingly, "I have heard it said that I write like a cineaste and make films like a writer, which I hope is true."

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